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Hunting Waxed Canvas





Hunting waxed canvas originated in the 16th century. It was used in the nautical field, coated with whale grease on canvas to waterproof, so that the canvas did not absorb water, was smooth and had low resistance, the boat to travel faster. It is made into a coat and a cape to reduce work on the deck from being wet by wind and rain.


In the 19th century, oil wax was refined from petroleum, which can be completely dissolved in canvas, making the waxed canvas waterproof, windproof and wear-resistant. During the Second World War of the 20th century, the British Armed Forces making holsters, tents, kits, and bags with Hunting waxed canvas, which required high-strength wear-resistant and water-repellent products.


Today, HOOPSWAX also uses Military Specification (MIL) hunting wax canvas to make canvas bags, with durable genuine leather, stitched with high-strength nylon thick thread to make the bags more American retro style!


  1. 輕微髒污:使用軟鬃毛刷來刷擦拭,可將輕微髒污去除.

  2. ​​中度髒污:如果淋到水,因獵蠟帆布遇水有荷葉效果,先快速將水甩乾,再用乾抹布擦拭剩餘水珠,若皮革也沾到水也要擦拭乾淨,擦乾後建議在通風處陰乾.陰乾後皮革處可以皮革保養油或是凡士林塗抹,維持皮革韌性.

  3. ​高度髒污:若包包表面有較深髒污處,可用擰乾溼抹布擦拭,擦拭完再用乾紙巾將多餘水分擦乾即可.


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